Thursday, April 11, 2013

Huanggang (Hubei) Foster Family Listing

We have foster family contact information for the following children adopted from the Huanggang orphanage, Hubei Province.  Please check your child's Chinese characters against those on this list to verify a match. 


 Huang Ai Yong / 黄爱勇
Huang Ai Zhi / 黄爱智
Huang Dong Hong / 黄东红
Huang Dong Yang / 黄东阳
Huang Gang Hua / 黄冈花
Huang Gang Xin / 黄冈新
Huang Gang Yu / 黄冈宇
Huang Hong Feng / 黄红凤
Huang Hong Ming / 黄红明
Huang Hua Fang / 黄华方
Huang Hua Fen / 黄华芬
Huang Hui Chan / 黄惠婵
Huang Hui Duo / 黄惠朵
Huang Hui Lan / 黄惠兰
Huang Hui Qian / 黄惠倩
Huang Hui Tao / 黄惠桃
Huang Hui Tao / 黄惠桃
Huang Hui Xun / 黄惠迅
Huang Hui Yi / 黄惠怡
Huang Hui Zhuo / 黄惠卓
Huang Ping Cong / 黄平聪
Huang Ping Mian / 黄平冕
Huang Ping Peng / 黄平鹏
Huang Ping Wu / 黄平武
Huang Ping Yao / 黄平瑶
Huang Ping Yi / 黄平依
Huang Qing  / 黄庆
Huang Qing Jie / 黄庆捷
Huang Wang Chang / 黄旺畅-
Huang Wang Hao / 黄旺浩
Huang Wang Ni / 黄旺妮
Huang Wang Qing / 黄旺庆
Huang Wang Xiao / 黄旺晓-
Huang Xiao Hu / 黄小湖
Huang Xiao Kang / 黄小康
Huang Xiao Shan / 黄小珊
Huang Yang Lan / 黄杨兰

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