Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shangrao (Xinzhou District-Rao) Orphanage, Jiangxi

We have foster family information for the following Shangrao "Rao" children adopted form the Xinzhou District orphanage in Shangrao, Jiangxi:

Rao Ai Ping / 饶爱萍
Rao An Sha / 饶安沙
Rao An Tian / 饶安田
Rao An Ting / 饶安婷
Rao Bo Bo / 饶波波
Rao Cai Yun / 饶彩云
Rao Can / 饶灿(boy
Rao Cheng Yu / 饶程雨
Rao Da Shuang / 饶大双
Rao Fang Fang / 饶芳芳
Rao Fei Fei / 饶菲菲
Rao Fei Ming / 饶菲明
Rao Fei Ping / 饶飞平
Rao Fei Xia / 饶菲霞
Rao Fei Ya / 饶菲亚
Rao Fei Yue / 饶飞月
Rao Fei Yun / 饶飞云
Rao Fen Chun / 饶分春
Rao Hao Fan / 饶好帆
Rao Hao Ling / 饶好玲
Rao Hong Jin / 饶红金
Rao Hong Mei / 饶红梅
Rao Hong Yang / 饶红洋
Rao Jian Jian / 饶健健
Rao Jiang / 饶嘉强
Rao Jiao Jiao / 饶娇娇
Rao Jin Jin / 饶晋晋
Rao Jin Xian / 饶金仙
Rao Jing / 饶 静
Rao La La / 饶啦啦
Rao La Yue / 饶腊月
Rao Lan Ting / 饶兰婷
Rao Li Li / 饶莉莉
Rao Ling Ling / 饶玲玲
Rao Lu / 饶 路
Rao Lu Bai / 饶露白
Rao Lu Yi / 饶露仪
Rao Lu Ying / 饶露莹
Rao Man Ling / 饶曼玲
Rao Man Shui / 饶曼水
Rao Man Yu / 饶曼玉 仙凤
Rao Man Zhen / 饶曼珍
Rao Mei Nu / 饶美女
Rao Mei Qian / 饶美纤
Rao Mei Qing / 饶美青
Rao Mei Rong / 饶美容
Rao Mei Xia / 饶美霞
Rao Mei Ying / 饶美英
Rao Mi Xiang / 饶米香
Rao Miao Ping / 饶苗苹
Rao Qing Jiao / 饶青娇
Rao Qing Jun / 饶青军
Rao Qing Min / 饶青敏
Rao Qing Pi / 饶青皮
Rao Qing Qi / 饶青琪
Rao Qing Qing / 饶清清
Rao Qing Sha / 饶青莎
Rao Qing Wu / 饶青午
Rao Qing Yu / 饶青玉
Rao Qing Yun / 饶清云
Rao Ru Yun / 饶如芸
Rao Sha Sha / 饶莎莎
Rao Shui Ying / 饶水英
Rao Tian De / 饶天德
Rao Tian Jiao / 饶天娇
Rao Tian Miao / 饶天苗
Rao Tian Ping / 饶天萍
Rao Tian Tian / 饶甜甜
Rao Tian Tian / 饶田田
Rao Tian Yao / 饶天瑶
Rao Tian Yun / 饶天芸
Rao Ting Ting / 饶婷婷
Rao Wan Jing / 饶万静
Rao Wan Jun / 饶万军
Rao Wan Liang / 饶婉靓 冬梅
Rao Wan Shan / 饶万山
Rao Wan Shan / 饶晚山
Rao Wan Yun / 饶万芸
Rao Xia Hui / 饶夏会
Rao Xia Jiao / 饶夏娇
Rao Xia Ping /饶夏萍
Rao Xia Wei / 饶夏伟
Rao Xian Ping / 饶仙平
Rao Xian Xian / 饶先先
Rao Xiao Hong / 饶小红
Rao Xiao Ling / 饶小玲
Rao Xiao Ping / 饶笑苹
Rao Xiao Shuang / 饶小双
Rao Xiao Xuan / 饶小宣
Rao Xie Xie / 饶谢谢
Rao Xin Xin / 饶心心
Rao Xing Xing / 饶星星
Rao Xing Xing / 饶星星
Rao Ya Ju / 饶雅菊
Rao Ya Jun / 饶雅军
Rao Ya Ping / 饶雅平
Rao Ya Wen / 饶雅文
Rao Ya Xian / 饶雅先
Rao Yi Lin / 饶一林
Rao Ying Ying / 饶英英
Rao Yu Chao / 饶雨超
Rao Yuan Yuan / 饶缘缘
Rao Yun Ai / 饶云爱
Rao Yun Chu / 饶云楚
Rao Yun Dong / 饶云冬
Rao Yun Feng / 饶云风
Rao Yun Qian / 饶云倩
Rao Yun Qian / 饶云铅
Rao Yun Qing / 饶云清
Rao Yun Shu / 饶云舒
Rao Yun Xiao / 饶云晓
Rao Yun Yang / 饶云洋
Rao Zhi Ya / 饶芷雅
Rao Zhi Zhang / 饶芷张
Rao Zhong Zhong / 饶忠忠
Rao Zi Sha / 饶子莎
Rao Zi Yu / 饶子玉


  1. My daughter is Rao Tian Miao
    We would love any information you have.
    Thank you,
    Mia and Judy

  2. My daughter is "Rao Qi Yue" in foster care late summer and fall 2015.
    I have pictures of her with women who I think are from her foster family but don't know for sure.
    Would love to have more information to share with her.
    Thank you.

  3. Do you have any info of 2002-2003? My name is Raotianyang i was born 11/01/02
    brought to orphange somewhere around 1/21/02 and adopted in 2003 11/15/03
    love to hear from anyone who might know about me thank you