Monday, July 27, 2015

Ningdu (Jiangxi) Foster Family Listing

Last Updated:  June 24, 2016

We have foster family information for the children listed below from the Ningdu orphanage in Jiangxi Province. We expect to add many names in the next couple of months.

Ning Ai Juan / 宁爱娟(pictures) 
Ning Cai Yi / 宁蔡仪
Ning Chan Mei / 宁婵梅
Ning Chun Feng /宁春风
Ning Feng Wan / 宁凤婉
Ning Fang Jia / 宁芳佳
Ning Fu Hua / 宁福华
Ning Hai Jin / 宁海金
Ning Hai Ming / 宁海明(boy

Ning Hai Ying / 宁海英 
Ning Hong Ping / 宁红萍
Ning Hua Li / 宁华丽
Ning Hua Li / 宁玫玫
Ning Jia Ping / 宁佳萍(B:12/18/04, pictures) 
Ning Jia Yi / 宁佳仪
Ning Jian Hao / 宁剑好?
Ning Jiao Dan / 宁娇丹
Ning Jiao Feng / 宁娇凤
Ning Jiao Wei / 宁娇玮
Ning Jing Hua / 宁菁华(B:3/7/03, pictures)
Ning Jun Hua /宁君华
Ning Li Hua / 宁丽华
Ning Li Jia / 宁丽佳 
Ning Li Zhen / 宁丽珍 (BF Info)
Ning Mei Feng / 宁美凤
Ning Ming Feng / 宁明凤 
Ning Ming Ru / 宁铭茹
Ning Peng Lian / 宁蓬莲 
Ning Qiu Hua / 宁秋华
Ning Qiu Xiang / 宁秋翔

Ning Rong Zhen / 宁荣珍
Ning Shang Shuang (Picture) / 宁商霜
Ning Shuang Xue / 宁霜雪
Ning Song Yi / 宁送仪

Ning Tian Yao / 宁甜瑶
Ning Wen Jing / 宁文静
Ning Wen Juan / 宁文娟
Ning Wen Pei / 宁文佩
Ning Xin Hai / 宁欣海
Ning Xin Yao / 宁欣瑶
Ning Ya Jing / 宁雅静
Ning Ya Wen / 宁雅文
Ning Yan Yan / 宁艳艳
Ning Yi Qin / 宁依琴 
Ning Ying Ying / 宁莹莹

Ning Yu Mei / 宁雨梅(Picture) 
Ning Yu Zhen / 宁玉珍
Ning Yuan Yuan / 宁媛媛(B:3/9/03, pictures) 

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