Thursday, July 14, 2011

Yingtan (Jiangxi) Orphanage Foster Families

We have foster family contact information for the following children adopted from the Yingtan orphanage in Jiangxi Province:

Fu An Le / 府安乐
Fu An Le / 府雨乐
Fu Bai Xue / 府白雪
Fu Bai Xue / 府白雪
Fu Bing Qian / 府冰倩
Fu Bo / 府波
Fu Ge/ 府格
Fu Han Chi / 府寒池
Fu Huai Yu / 府怀玉

Fu Jia Ning / 府佳宁
Fu Jia Wei / 府佳伟
Fu Jing / 府京
Fu Ju / 府菊
Fu Juan / 府娟
Fu Le Ping / 府乐平
Fu Leng Yu / 府冷雨
Fu Li E / 府梨娥
Fu Lian / 府莲
Fu Mei Jie / 府梅洁
Fu Meng Wen / 府梦文(still in China)
Fu Mi Lan / 府米兰
Fu Mi Mi / 府蜜蜜
Fu Mian E / 府棉娥
Fu Miao / 府苗
Fu Piao Yang / 府飘洋(still in China-BP)
Fu Qing / 府青
Fu Ruo Dan / 府渃丹
Fu Ruo Feng / 府渃凤
Fu Ruo Yi / 府若怡
Fu Shu Cun / 府书存
Fu Song / 府 松
Fu Tian Tian / 府甜甜
Fu Tong / 府童
Fu Wen He / 府文荷
Fu Wen He / 府文荷
Fu Xiao Wen / 府肖文(still in China-BP)
Fu Xin Chen / 府欣晨
Fu Xin He / 府欣荷
Fu Xing Chen / 府星晨
Fu Xing Jie / 府星洁
Fu Ya Zhi / 府亚芝
Fu Yan Ping / 府燕萍
Fu Yao / 府瑶
Fu Yi Fang / 府依芳(photo)
Fu Yi Guo / 府伊果
Fu Yi Lan / 府义兰
Fu Yin / 府印
Fu Yue / 府月
Fu Zhi / 府 知
Fu Zhou / 府洲
Fu Zi Xin / 府紫新
Fu Zi Yi / 府紫仪
Fu Zi Yi / 府紫伊
Fu Zi Yun / 府紫云(photo)


  1. You identified my daughter's foster mother. My daughter is Fu Si Qi.

  2. I have a baby picture from Fu Zang and foster contact information