Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fenyi (Jiangxi) Orphanage Foster Families

If your child appears on the list below, we have contact information for your Fenyi orphanage foster family.

Gong Hai Zhu / 龚海珠
Gong Jing Bei / 龚静贝 ?
Gong Jing Chun / 龚静纯
Gong Jing Hong / 龚静洪
Gong Jing Jie / 龚静洁
Gong Jing Man / 龚静满
Gong Jing Ping / 龚静平-
Gong Jing Tian / 龚静甜
Gong Jing Wang / 龚静旺
Gong Jing Xia / 龚静霞?
Gong Jing Ya / 龚静雅
Gong Jing Yao / 龚静瑶
Gong Jing Yi / 龚静义
Gong Su Ai / 龚素爱-
Gong Su Hui / 龚素会
Gong Su Qun / 龚素群
Gong Su Shun / 龚素顺
Gong Su Wei / 龚素微
Gong Xi / 龚喜
Gong Ya Bing / 龚雅冰
Gong Ya Ke / 龚雅可
Gong Ya Mei / 龚雅梅
Gong Ya Qin / 龚雅琴
Gong Ya Xiao / 龚雅笑
Gong Zi Fan / 龚姿凡
Gong Zi Min / 龚姿敏

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