Thursday, July 14, 2011

Yiyang (Jiangxi) Orphanage Foster Families

We have foster family information for the following children adopted from the Yiyang orphanage, Jiangxi Province. Photos for some of these children can be seen here:

Yi Li Bing / 弋丽兵
Yi Li Bu / 弋丽布
Yi Li Fu / 弋丽福
Yi Li Jing / 弋丽静-- Yi Li Shu / 弋丽淑(twins)
Yi Li Lan / 弋丽兰
Yi Li Mao / 弋丽毛
Yi Li Mao / 弋丽茂-
Yi Li Pei / 弋丽培
Yi Li Qin / 弋丽亲
Yi Li Qing / 弋丽青
Yi Li Tong / 弋丽同
Yi Li Tuan / 弋丽团
Yi Li Wang / 弋丽旺
Yi Mei Cheng / 弋美成
Yi Mei Fang / 弋美芳
Yi Mei Fen / 弋美纷
Yi Mei Lan / 弋美兰
Yi Mei Lu / 弋美路
Yi Mei Rong / 弋美荣
Yi Mei Xi / 弋美西
Yi Mei Yan / 弋美妍
Yi Mei Zhen / 弋美真
Yi Xiao Cha / 弋晓茶
Yi Xiao Dai / 弋晓岱
Yi Xiao Dan / 弋晓丹
Yi Xiao Du / 弋晓杜
Yi Xiao Feng / 弋晓逢-
Yi Xiao Gu / 弋晓姑(have photos)
Yi Xiao Guo / 弋晓果
Yi Xiao He / 弋晓和
Yi Xiao He / 弋晓和(have photos)
Yi Xiao Jie / 弋晓节(B:10/4/09)
Yi Xiao Juan / 弋晓娟
Yi Xiao Jun / 弋晓君(have photos)
Yi Xiao Ke / 弋晓科
Yi Xiao La / 弋晓拉
Yi Xiao Le / 弋晓乐
Yi Xiao Le / 弋晓乐
Yi Xiao Li / 弋晓历 (have photos)
Yi Xiao Liang / 弋晓亮 (have photos)
Yi Xiao Mei / 弋晓妹(have photos)
Yi Xiao Mei / 弋晓梅
Yi Xiao Nian / 弋晓年
Yi Xiao Qiang / 弋晓强
Yi Xiao Qing / 弋晓情
Yi Xiao Shan / 弋晓珊
Yi Xiao Tang / 弋晓汤(have photos)
Yi Xiao Tian / 弋晓天(have photos)
Yi Xiao Tuo / 弋晓托
Yi Xiao Xian / 弋晓仙
Yi Xiao Xin / 弋晓新
Yi Xiao Xu / 弋晓旭
Yi Xiao Xue / 弋晓学(have photos)
Yi Xiao Ying / 弋晓英
Yi Xiao Yu / 弋晓宇
Yi Xiao Yu / 弋晓育(have photos)
Yi Xiao Yuan / 弋晓媛(have photos)
Yi Xiao Zhi / 弋晓芝


  1. My daughter is on the list, how do I get the information?

  2. My daughter is on this list. How can I get info?

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  4. I saw my Name that I was given by the orphanage. I was wondering how I can get more information or how to start the process of getting information. Please let me know. My email is

  5. My name is Danielle my daughter is thé list Yi,Xiao Tang would love to get information .please contact me at