Thursday, July 14, 2011

Yulin First (Guangxi) Orphanage Foster Families

Hua Cai Chang 华彩嫦
Hua Cai Chen / 华彩晨
Hua Cai Ci 华彩慈
Hua Cai Fang / 华彩芳/
Hua Cai Hua 华彩华
Hua Cai Mei / 华彩美
Hua Cai Shu 华彩欢
Hua Cai Shu 华彩舒
Hua Cai Wen / 华彩文
Hua Cai Xiu 华彩秀
Hua Cai Yin 华彩茵
Hua Cai Zhu 华彩珠
Hua Guo Qing 华国清
Hua Li Cong 华丽聪
Hua Li Ni 华丽妮
Hua Li Pu 姚永珍?
Hua Li Yin 华丽茵
Hua Li Yun / 华丽芸
Hua Qiu Chan / 华秋婵
Hua Qiu Chen 华秋晨
Hua Ru Chu / 华如楚
Hua Ru Hong 华如虹
Hua Ru Ming 华如茗
Hua Ru Na 华如娜
Hua Ru Si / 华如思
Hua Ru Ya 华如雅
Hua Ru Yan / 华如嫣
Hua Yu Di 华玉迪
Hua Yu Hua 华玉华
Hua Yu Jiao / 华玉娇/
Hua Yu Min / 华玉敏
Hua Yu Ping / 华玉萍
Hua Yu Qi 华玉埼
Hua Yu Qing / 华玉青
Hua Yu Tai 华玉太
Hua Zi Bing 华子冰
Hua Zi Qiao 华子巧


  1. I noticed this was posted in 2011. Any updates to this list since then?

  2. I'm wondering the same. Our daughter came home February 2016. Any updates on foster families or is this all old information?