Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fengcheng (Jiangxi) Orphanage Foster Families

Updated with additional names September 15, 2016

We have foster family contact information for the following children adopted from the Fengcheng orphanage, Jiangxi Province. Photos of some of the children are also available.

Feng Ai Bin / 丰艾斌
Feng Ai Ling / 丰艾玲 
Feng Ai Zhen / 丰艾珍 
Feng An Zhen / 丰安珍 
Feng Bao Hong / 丰宝虹(B:11/3/03) 
Feng Bao Qiong / 丰宝琼
Feng Bao Qin / 丰保琴(Picture from FF )
Feng Cai Yu /  
丰彩旻 (boy, adopted in May 2015)
Feng Chu An / 丰楚安 
Feng Chu Chuan / 丰楚川 
Feng Chu Di / 丰楚迪 
Feng Chu Er / 丰楚儿 
Feng Chu Ge / 丰楚鸽 
Feng Chu Jia / 丰楚佳 
Feng Chu Kui / 丰楚葵 
Feng Chu Kun / 丰楚昆 
Feng Chu Lian / 丰楚莲 
Feng Chu Mei / 丰楚玫 
Feng Chu Ming / 丰楚明 
Feng Chu Na / 丰楚娜 
Feng Chu Niu / 丰楚妞 
Feng Chu Pan / 丰楚盼 
Feng Chu Qiao / 丰楚乔 
Feng Chu Ren / 丰楚仁 
Feng Chu Tao / 丰楚桃 
Feng Chu Ting / 丰楚婷 
Feng Chu Yao / 丰楚瑶 
Feng Chu You / 丰楚优 
Feng Chu Zhen / 丰楚珍 
Feng Chun Bei / 丰春贝 
Feng Chun Chuan / 丰春川
Feng Chun Fan (picture) / 丰春帆
Feng Chun Juan / 丰春娟 
Feng Chun Tian / 丰春甜 
Feng Fang Fang / 丰芳芳 
Feng Fen Fen / 丰芬芬 
Feng Fu Er / 丰芙儿 
Feng Huan Huan / 丰欢欢 (twins) 
Feng Jia Duo / 丰佳朵 
Feng Jia Pei / 丰佳裴 
Feng Jia Qu (picture)/ 丰佳曲
Feng Jia Shan / 丰佳珊 
Feng Jia Ying / 丰佳英 
Feng Jian Dong / 丰剑东 
Feng Jing Ai / 丰静艾 
Feng Jing E / 丰静娥 
Feng Jing Er / 丰静儿 
Feng Jing Er / 丰静儿(B:10/1/07)
Feng Jing Qing / 丰静清 
Feng Jing Wan / 丰静婉 
Feng Jing Ye 
Feng Jing Ying / 丰静英 
Feng Jing Yue / 丰静月 
Feng Jing Zhi / 丰静芝 
Feng Jing Zhu / 丰静竹 
Feng Ke Heng / 丰小恒 
Feng Ke Ming / 丰可茗 
Feng Ke Qian / 丰可倩 
Feng Ke Rou / 丰可柔 
Feng Ke Xia / 丰可霞 
Feng Ke Xian / 丰可仙 
Feng Ke Xuan / 丰可璇(B: 3/4/06))
Feng Ke Xuan / 丰可萱 
Feng Ke Yun / 丰可韵 
Feng Lan Er / 丰兰儿 
Feng Le Le / 丰乐乐(twins) 
Feng Li Jun / 丰丽君 
Feng Li Luo / 丰丽箩 
Feng Li Mei / 丰丽妹 
Feng Li Tao / 丰丽涛
Feng Li Wan / 丰丽弯 
Feng Ling Er 
Feng Man Bo (picture) / 丰曼波
Feng Man Chun / 丰曼春 
Feng Man Fang / 丰曼芳 
Feng Man Jia / 丰曼佳 
Feng Man Jiao / 丰曼娇 
Feng Man Qi / 丰曼琪 
Feng Mei Di / 丰美迪 
Feng Mei Duo / 丰美多 
Feng Mei Lian / 丰美莲 
Feng Mei Lu / 丰美庐 
Feng Mei Qi / 丰美琪
Feng Mei Qiang / 丰美蔷 
Feng Mei Qiu / 丰美秋 
Feng Mei Tong / 丰美彤 
Feng Mei Xue / 丰美雪 
Feng Mei Zhen / 丰美珍 
Feng Mei Zhu / 丰美珠 
Feng Min Er / 丰敏儿(B:4/18/07)
Feng Min Min / 丰敏敏 
Feng Min Wen / 丰敏雯 
Feng Min Xian / 丰敏娴 
Feng Min Yang / 丰敏阳 
Feng Min Yu / 丰敏玉 
Feng Min Zhi / 丰敏芝 
Feng Nian Chen / 丰念晨 
Feng Nian Chu / 丰念楚 
Feng Nian Cong / 丰念聪 
Feng Nian E / 丰念娥 
Feng Nian Hao / 丰念好 
Feng Nian Hua / 丰念华 
Feng Nian Juan / 丰念娟 
Feng Nian Lan / 丰念兰 
Feng Nian Lin / 丰念琳?
Feng Nian Rong / 丰念蓉 
Feng Nian Ru / 丰念茹 
Feng Nian Ru / 丰念茹 
Feng Nian Yang / 丰念洋 
Feng Nian Yi / 丰念仪 
Feng Nian Yu / 丰念愉 
Feng Qing Fang / 丰青芳 
Feng Qing Han / 丰青汗 
Feng Qing He / 丰青荷 
Feng Qing Qiu / 丰清秋 
Feng Qing Sha / 丰青莎 
Feng Qing Yan / 丰清燕 
Feng Qiu Di / 丰秋迪 (Pictures, March 2011 )
Feng Qiu Fang / 丰秋芳 (Pictures, July 2011)
Feng Qiu Guo / 丰秋果
Feng Qiu Jia / 丰秋佳(Pictures, March 2011 )
Feng Qiu Jie / 丰秋捷(Pictures, March 2011 )
Feng Qiu Kang / 
Feng Qiu Ling / 丰秋灵(Pictures, March 2011 )
Feng Qiu Meng / 丰秋萌 (Pictures, August 2011)
Feng Qiu Miao / 丰秋苗(Pictures, Oct 2011 )
Feng Qiu Ni / 丰秋妮 (Pictures, July 2011)
Feng Qiu Ping / 丰秋萍(Pictures, Oct 2011 )
Feng Qiu Wa / 丰秋娃(Pictures, Aug.2011) 
Feng Qiu Wan / 丰秋晚 (Pictures, July 2011)
Feng Qiu Xue / 丰秋雪 (Pictures, August 2011)
Feng Qiu Yun / 丰秋云 (Pictures, July 2011)
Feng Ruo Bei / 丰若贝 
Feng Ruo Peng / 丰若朋 
Feng Ruo Shu / 丰若淑 
Feng Ruo Wen / 丰若雯 
Feng Ruo Yun / 丰若云 
Feng Shao Ju / 丰韶菊 
Feng Shao Jun / 丰韶军 
Feng Shao Kang / 丰韶康 
Feng Shao Ming / 丰少明 
Feng Shao Pei / 丰静培 
Feng Shao Qi / 丰韶琪 
Feng Shao Qiu / 丰韶秋 
Feng Shao Yang / 丰韶阳 
Feng Shao You 丰韶尤 
Feng Shao Zhen / 丰韶珍 
Feng Shu Lan / 丰舒岚 
Feng Shu Ni (picture) / 丰舒妮
Feng Shu Pan / 丰舒潘 
Feng Shu Rui / 丰舒蕊 
Feng Shu Tong / 丰舒彤 
Feng Shui Dan / 丰水丹
Feng Shui Mei / 丰水梅 (Pictures, Aug 2011) 
Feng Shui Qin / 丰水琴 (Pictures, July 2011)
Feng Shui Xiu / 
Feng Shui Yao / 丰水瑶(Pictures,  Feb 2012)
Feng Si Da / 丰斯妲 
Feng Si Dong / 丰斯东 
Feng Si Huan / 丰斯欢 
Feng Si Jia / 丰斯佳 
Feng Wen Di / 丰文迪 
Feng Wen Kai / 丰文凯 
Feng Wen Xian / 丰文贤
Feng Wen Yue (picture) / 丰文悦
Feng Wen Zhen / 丰文贞 
Feng Xiang Jiang / 丰香江(Pictures, Oct.2011)
Feng Xiang Jun / 丰香君(Picture, March 2011) 
Feng Xiang Luo / 丰香萝 (Pictures, Aug 2011) 
Feng Xiang Ping / 丰香萍 (Pictures, Sep 2010) 
Feng Xiang Tao / 丰香桃 (Pictures, Sep.2010/March 2011) 
Feng Xiang Tie / 丰香贴(Pictures, Oct 2010) 
Feng Xiang Tong / 丰香同(Pictures, Nov 2010) 
Feng Xiang Wa / 丰香娃 (Pictures, Sep 2010) 
Feng Xiang Ying / 丰香莹 
Feng Xiang Yu / 丰香芋 (Pictures, Sep 2010) 
Feng Xiang Yuan / 丰香媛 (Pictures, Sep 2010) 
Feng Xiang Yu / 丰香羽
Feng Xiang Yue / 丰香月 (Pictuers, Sep 2010) 
Feng Xiang Yun / 丰香云 (Pictures, Sep 2010) 
Feng Xiao Bin / 丰小彬 
Feng Xiao Chan / 丰小婵 
Feng Xiao Cui 
Feng Xiao Diao / 丰小貂 
Feng Xiao Dou / 丰小豆 
Feng Xiao Fei / 丰小妃 
Feng Xiao Gui / 丰小桂 (B:5/25/06)
Feng Xiao Jiao / 丰小娇 
Feng Xiao Jie / 丰小洁 
Feng Xiao Jiong / 丰小炯 
Feng Xiao Ju / 丰小菊 
Feng Xiao Kai / 丰小凯 
Feng Xiao Kang / 丰小康 
Feng Xiao Ke / 丰小可 
Feng Xiao Kui / 丰小葵
Feng Xiao Mi / 丰小米(Picture from FF ) 
Feng Xiao Ming / 丰小明 
Feng Xiao Niu / 丰小妞 
Feng Xiao Qiong / 丰小琼 
Feng Xiao Que / 丰小雀
Feng Xiao Qun / 丰小群(Picture from FF )
Feng Xiao Rui / 丰小蕊 
Feng Xiao Shuai / 丰小帅 
Feng Xiao Ta / 丰小踏 
Feng Xiao Tai / 丰小泰 
Feng Xiao Ya / 丰小雅 
Feng Xiao Yi / 丰小艺 
Feng Xiao Ying / 丰小英 
Feng Xiao Yu / 丰小玉?
Feng Xin Wan / 丰心婉 
Feng Xing Lan / 丰星蓝 
Feng Xiu Bing / 丰秀冰 
Feng Xiu Bo / 丰秀波 (Pictures, Oct 2010)
Feng Xiu Chuan / 丰秀川 (Pictures, Sep 2010) 
Feng Xiu En / 丰秀 恩 
Feng Xiu Fang / 丰秀芳 (Pictures, Sep 2010) 
Feng Xiu Hai / 丰秀海 (Pictures, Sep 2010) 
Feng Xiu Hua / 丰秀华 (Pictures, Oct 2010)
Feng Xiu Hui / 丰秀慧 (Pictures, Sep 2010) 
Feng Xiu Jun / 丰秀君 (pictures, Sep 2010) 
Feng Xiu Kang / 丰秀康(picture, Sep 2010) 
Feng Xiu Li / 丰秀丽 
Feng Xiu Lian / 丰秀莲 (Pictures, Sep.2010) 
Feng Xiu Miao / 丰秀苗 (Pictures, Sep.2010) 
Feng Xiu Ming / 丰秀茗(Pictures, Nov 2010)
Feng Xiu Ning / 丰秀宁 (Pictures, Sep 2010) 
Feng Xiu Ping / 丰秀平 
Feng Xiu Shan / 丰秀善(Picture, Sep 2010) 
Feng Xiu Shan / 丰秀膳 (Pictures, Sep 2010) 
Feng Xiu Shi / 丰秀实 (Pictures, Sep 2010) 
Feng Xiu Ting / 丰秀婷 (Pictures, Sep 2010) 
Feng Xiu Tong / 丰秀彤 (Pictures, Sep 2010) 
Feng Xiu Xia / 丰秀霞 (Pictures, Sep 2010) 
Feng Xiu Xia / 丰秀霞 (Pictures, Sep 2010) 
Feng Xiu Xian / 丰秀仙 (Pictures, Sep 2010) 
Feng Xiu Xiu / 丰秀秀 (Pictures, Oct 2010)
Feng Xiu Yang / 丰秀洋 (Pictures, Sep 2010) 
Feng Xiu Yue / 丰秀月 
Feng Xiu Yun / 丰秀云
Feng Xue Fang / 丰雪芳 
Feng Xue He / 丰雪和 (Picture from FF ) 
Feng Xue Jun / 丰雪君 
Feng Xue Man / 丰雪曼 
Feng Xue Meng / 丰雪梦
Feng Xue Qian / 丰雪倩 
Feng Xue Qin / 丰雪芩
Feng Xue Ting / 丰雪婷 
Feng Xue Xiang / 丰雪香 
Feng Xue Yao / 丰雪瑶
Feng Xue Yi / 丰雪意 
Feng Xue Yu / 丰雪喻 (Picture from FF ) 
Feng Xue Zhu / 丰雪珠 
Feng Ya Nan / 丰亚楠 
Feng Ya Que / 丰雅雀 
Feng Ya Tao / 丰亚涛 
Feng Yi Chun / 丰伊纯 
Feng Yi Hang / 丰伊航 
Feng Yi Huan / 丰伊环 
Feng Yi Jing / 丰伊婧 
Feng Yi Luo / 丰伊萝 
Feng Yi Ping / 丰依萍
Feng Yi Sha / 丰伊莎 
Feng Yi Xian / 丰伊贤 
Feng Yi Xue / 丰意雪 
Feng Yi Yang / 丰伊洋 
Feng Yu An / 丰玉安 
Feng Yu Er / 丰玉儿 
Feng Yu Fang / 丰雨芳 
Feng Yu Mi / 丰玉米 
Feng Yu Piao / 丰雨飘 
Feng Yu Ping/ 丰玉萍
Feng Yu Qiao / 丰雨乔 
Feng Yu Quan / 丰雨泉 (Picture from FF ) 
Feng Yue Chan / 丰月婵 
Feng Yue Chu / 丰月初 
Feng Yue Chun / 丰月春 
Feng Yue Cong 
Feng Yue Di / 丰月迪 
Feng Yue Fei / 丰月菲 
Feng Yue Gui / 丰月桂 
Feng Yue Guo / 丰月果 
Feng Yue Han / 丰月寒 
Feng Yue Hao / 丰月好 
Feng Yue Hao / 丰月浩 
Feng Yue Huan / 丰月环 
Feng Yue Jing / 丰月静 
Feng Yue Miao / 丰月苗 (Pictures, Sep 2010) 
Feng Yue Na / 丰月娜 
Feng Yue Qiang / 丰月墙? 
Feng Yue Qiu / 丰月秋 
Feng Yue Rong / 丰月蓉 
Feng Yue Shu / 丰月舒 
Feng Yue Teng / 丰月腾 
Feng Yue Teng / 丰月藤 (Picture, March 2011 ) 
Feng Yue Tian / 丰月恬 
Feng Yue Wen / 丰月文 
Feng Yue Wu / 丰月舞 
Feng Yue Xi / 丰月喜 
Feng Yue Xia / 丰月霞 
Feng Yue Xiao / 丰月笑 
Feng Yue Xin / 丰月信 
Feng Yue Xing / 丰月杏 
Feng Yue Xue / 丰月雪 
Feng Yue Yan / 丰月妍? 
Feng Yue Yang / 丰月洋 
Feng Yue Yuan / 丰月圆 
Feng Yue Yuan / 丰月媛 
Feng Yue Yun / 丰月云 
Feng Yun Bei / 丰云贝 )
Feng Yun Fang / 丰云芳 
Feng Yun Kun / 丰云昆 
Feng Yun Rong / 丰云荣 )
Feng Yun Wei / 丰云伟 
Feng Yun Yan / 丰云燕
Feng Yun Ye / 丰云叶 
Feng Zhi Ting / 丰芝婷
Feng Zi Bei / 丰子贝(Picture from FF ) 
Feng Zi Chan / 丰紫擅  
Feng Zi Long / 丰紫龙
Feng Zi Wen / 丰紫雯


  1. Hello, My big girl, Élise Feng Xiao Xiu, born on 2006, december 17 is not on your list! May be next time.

    Thank you for your working!


  2. Please let us know if you ever have info for our daughter's foster mother. Our daughter is Feng Shao Ting born March 29 2007.


  3. My daughter Feng Li Jie came from fengcheng orphanage Born 14th October 2003. Adopted 16th September 2004 We would love to find any information on her foster mother. We called her Fei and sadly she passed away June 29th 2012.
    my email address :

  4. My daughter was norm 12-6-2006, I don't see her listed here- I would also love to have her foster families information.

  5. Our daughter, Feng Qing Rong, was fostered from 6/04-7/05 by Du Zhengying. We'd love info!

  6. We adopted our twin daughters back in June 2010 from the FengCheng SWI (went to Nancheng, of course, for all the paperwork but never got to go see the Fengcheng SWI or meet the fost family). We would LOVE more information about their foster family, finding area, and even birth parents. They listed their birth dates as December 8, 2008 and arrived at the FengCheng SWI about April, 2009. They supposedly stayed with a foster family for 14 months before we adopted them on June 21, 2010. Their names listed were Feng Yue Min and Feng Yue Xuan.

    Thank you in advance for any advice in how to find out some of this missing info! Thank you for all you are doing!

    1. My email is

  7. We adopted Feng Xiang Ting June 12, 2011 DOB 7/11/10. Any info is appreciated! She was in Fostercare.

  8. Our daughter Feng Ruo Ying was adopted in October 2003. Her birthdate is 12/22/02. Would you have any additional information or photos of her with her Foster mom? We also have a photo of you holding her at Lucy's! My email is

  9. My name is Debbie and we adopted our daughter Feng, Nian Xuan in June 2009. Her DOB is 4/11/2008. She was in foster care and I have pictures of her foster mother and another little girl. I am assumed it is the foster mother's daughter. Our daughter's name does not show up on this list. She was from Fengcheng. The foster mom appears young late 20's to mid 30's. I am sure she fostered other children as well. Could I send the picture I have and see if she matches any other foster mothers you have pictures for??