Thursday, July 14, 2011

Guixi (Jiangxi) Orphanage Foster Families

If your child appears on the list below, we have contact information for your Guixi orphanage foster family.

Guo ? Ming / 国?明
Guo A Hua / 国阿花
Guo Ai Hong / 国爱红
Guo Ai Miao / 国爱苗
Guo Ai Ying / 国爱英
Guo Chun Hua / 国春华
Guo Chun Xiao / 国春晓
Guo Chun Yan / 国春燕
Guo Dong Yi / 国冬怡
Guo Fu Lin / 国福林
Guo Fu Ying / 国福英
Guo Gui Bin / 国桂槟
Guo Gui Fang / 国贵芳
Guo Gui Hua / 国桂华
Guo Gui Lan / 国贵兰
Guo Gui Lian / 国桂莲
Guo Gui Yuan / 国贵院
Guo Hai Chao / 国海潮
Guo Hong Mei / 国红梅
Guo Hong Yan / 国红艳
Guo Hui Yi / 国慧怡
Guo Hui Yi / 国慧疑
Guo Jian Hua / 国建华
Guo Jian Yang /国建杨
Guo Lan Ju / 国兰菊
Guo Li Hua / 国丽华
Guo Li Nian / 国丽年
Guo Li Ping / 国丽萍
Guo Li Qing / 国丽清
Guo Lian Cong / 国莲聪
Guo Lian Hua / 国莲花
Guo Lian Yun / 国连芸
Guo Lin / 国林
Guo Ling Xiu / 国玲秀
Guo Mei E / 国梅娥
Guo Qing Lu / 国清露
Guo Qing Ping / 国青萍
Guo Qing Ting / 国蜻蜓
Guo Qiu E / 国秋娥
Guo Shan Shan / 国珊珊
Guo Wan Ju / 国皖菊
Guo Wan Jun / 国婉君
Guo Wan Lan / 国婉兰
Guo Wan Lei / 国皖雷
Guo Wan Yi / 国婉怡
Guo Wen Ying / 国文英
Guo Xia / 国夏琴
Guo Xia Fen / 国夏芬
Guo Xia Li / 国夏莉
Guo Xia Ping / 国夏苹
Guo Xiao Lei / 国晓磊
Guo Xiao Pei / 国晓培
Guo Xing Xing / 国星星
Guo Xiu Lan / 国秀兰
Guo Xiu Zhen / 国秀珍
Guo Yi Lan / 国怡兰
Guo Yi Xiang / 国怡香
Guo Yong Jing / 国永景
Guo Yong Li / 国永丽
Guo Yong Mei / 国永梅
Guo Yue Qin / 国月琴
Guo Yue Xin / 国月新
Guo Yue Yuan / 国月圆


  1. I don't see our older child's name: Guo Wan Fen, but I think I have a Foster name. May I email it to you and you would be able to tell me if you have any information on the family? ColleneKennedy

  2. I also have information on my daughter's foster family, as well as a photo. PLease let me know if you'd like the info to share with others. She has fostered many children over the years.

  3. Hello,
    We are french and have adopted our daughter GUO Lele in june 2010. We know that she was in foster family even if it's not mentionned on the papers. Do you think you ' ll be able to have any informations about her?
    Thank you for your answer and sorry for my bad english. . .